We want to help you find your strengths as a performer, whatever your role – public speaker, host, instructor– anything.

The Basics of Hosting is intended for people who would like to work as hosts and presenters, and those who want to improve their skills in performing as host or presenter.

Why participate?

– This online course covers the techniques of hosting and performing in public. The purpose of this course is to take your skills to the next level and allow you to grow into a top performer.

– The instructors, Kati Vasell and Tuuli-Elina Ruuskanen, are professional events hosts and presenters with more than 10 years of experience.

– By using the correct techniques, you can place yourself among the top performers in your field.

– This online course helps you to improve your skills and expertise as a host, presenter and public performer.

– You will learn key factors that affect the way your audience takes your message on board. It makes a major difference to the audience if they can concentrate on the message you’re trying to convey, rather than watching you trying to cope with your microphone technique.

– Strengthen your existing skills.


3. Interview and panel discussion

Pituus: 13 minuuttia

How to work as an interviewer How to interact with the interviewee How to conduct an interesting interview How to facilitate a panel discussion What to take into account when drafting a script for a panel discussion

4. Hosting script

Pituus: 17 minuuttia

Hosting script Hosting commercial events Hosting events with a programme

5. Activation tasks

Pituus: 7 minuuttia

How to maintain a good atmosphere in an event What kinds of exercises can you use to fill in any gaps? Material bank Exercises to fill in any gaps

6. First impressions and appearance

Pituus: 7 minuuttia

Host’s responsibilities as the face of an event First impressions and appearance Creating first impressions How to dress Using colours