In addition to hosting and presenting, the agency trains hosts and presenters. MAIKKI provides professional hosts for both commercial and private events who ensure a wonderful atmosphere at your event. 

MAIKKI also offers training in public speaking. You can choose one-on-one training, training tailored to your company, attend one of the public courses that MAIKKI organises, or learn online at your own pace. 


MAIKKI was founded in 2013 by two energetic women: Kati Vasell and Tuuli-Elina Ruuskanen. MAIKKI currently collaborates with several professional hosts and presenters. 

Both Kati and Tuuli-Elina have extensive experience of more than ten years in hosting events, and they also train new hosts and presenters. 

Both the entrepreneurs have Bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration, and they understand the importance of your event to your business. Therefore, MAIKKI always wants to understand the purpose of each event to make sure that the host can best serve the customer’s needs. 

Our customer-oriented booking process makes it easy for you to find a host, and here at MAIKKI we’re happy to assist you in the planning of your event, as well as during and after it. MAIKKI’s highly skilled hosts and presenters ensure that you can enjoy your event without having to worry about staying on schedule. 

What our customers say (corporate event): 

MAIKKI has hosted several of our corporate events, and their professionalism has been one of the key factors that made events successful. They are never at loss for words, they have a radiant and energetic presence, and they aren’t afraid to throw themselves at any kind of a situation that may come up. – Akun Tehdas (event production company)

Our MAIKKI guarantee gives you peace of mind, and we ensure the success of your event:

  • Caring guarantee: MAIKKI cares about your event, and only collaborates with carefully selected professional hosts.
  • Health guarantee: If your chosen host or presenter falls ill and cannot make it to your event, MAIKKI will make sure that another, equally skilled professional host replaces him or her.
  • Speed guarantee: We can book you a host for your event at 24 hours’ notice.
  • Satisfaction guarantee: If your host does not follow our mutually agreed memo, you will not have to pay your invoice.


MAIKKI books hosts and presenters for various kinds of events, such as corporate events, seminars, commercial events and public events, including festivals and family events. MAIKKI can also arrange professional facilitators to moderate panel discussions. 

MAIKKI always finds the host that best suits your event; each host and presenter has their own strengths and unique background in the industry. Whether you are organising a fashion event, financial seminar or a motorsport event, MAIKKI will make sure your host is familiar with the field. 

All our hosts are passionate about their work, and you can always trust them to ensure the success of your event. Every host at MAIKKI prepares carefully for each assignment, arrives on time, and can react to changing circumstances. In addition, they are equipped with a batch of activation tasks that make it easy to engage and activate the audience or fill any gaps caused by changes to the schedule. 

All of MAIKKI’s hosts and presenters are trained, experienced and highly skilled. MAIKKI is one of the leading providers of hosts for commercial events: their voices convey their joy and passion for their work, even if the customers cannot see the host all the time. The people at MAIKKI also know how to tell stories, attract people’s interest in special offers and to make them visit the shops in a shopping centre. 

What our customers say (commercial event)

We have long trusted MAIKKI in hosting our commercial events, and they always performed in a highly professional manner. The hosts speak with a clear and pleasant voice, and we can trust them to follow schedules and agreed plans. MAIKKI’s hosts are confident and conscientious, they always familiarise themselves with the materials and they always know how to react to unforeseen events and situations. – Citycon Koskikeskus (shopping centre)

In corporate events and evening galas, MAIKKI’s hosts know how to create a distinguished atmosphere, and they present awards in a manner that best suits the type each event.

MAIKKI’s hosts always adapt to the nature of the occasion while always keeping a twinkle in their eye. MAIKKI can mainly host events in Finnish and English.

We have booked hosts for our public events with MAIKKI. Their hosts behave naturally and are highly skilled hosts. – Aamulehti (newspaper)

Every event deserves a professional host. See how our customers comment on the role of a professional host in ensuring the success of their events. 

Hiring an external host for our event was an excellent choice! We had hosted our own events in the past because we thought it wouldn’t be so difficult. And sure enough, it wasn’t, but a professional is always a professional!
The most significant difference was the distinguished atmosphere that the host managed to create, unlike anything we could ever have done ourselves. Naturally, using an external host meant a lot less stress and tension for us, as we were able to trust that the host would ensure the event followed the schedule, as well as to create and maintain a good atmosphere (and cheer or calm the public as necessary). The host thoroughly familiarised herself with the background information we provided, and she knew exactly how to adapt her manner of speaking and the content of her speeches to perfectly match our style. It was also easier to schedule the event and set a pace for it with the assistance of a professional who knew what to do and what not to do. In other words, the host assisted us in planning the event with her insights and experience in organising a successful event.
We are most grateful for the distinguished feel the host created in her own, easy-going manner while making sure that the event went smoothly. Everything was prepared thoroughly, which was good, as was her superb ability to adapt to minor changes during the event. All in all, very professional – I’m extremely happy with how everything went! Thank you! 🙂

– Johanna Junkkari, Chief Business Officer, McDonald’s Tampere, Turku, Raisio, Rauma and Pori

Särkänniemi amusement park: MAIKKI hosted the majority of the events and concerts in Särkänniemi in the summer, and we can highly recommend their hosts for any kind of event. The host’s radiant appearance, “can-do” attitude and strong expertise in public speaking are invaluable features in the hectic event production business, where sudden changes can happen at any stage. While Särkänniemi has decades of experience in organising and providing venues for different kinds of events, an external host took the summer events to the proverbial next level. Thank you!
– Elsa Vähänen, Content Creator, Särkänniemi


MAIKKI organises training in public speaking in general and in working as a host or presenter. The hosting courses, organised a couple of times a year, have proved extremely popular. Training in public speaking is available at request. The courses that MAIKKI provides focus on active practice on stage, helping each participant to develop their skills with the help of instant feedback. In addition to practical training, the courses discuss the appearance of a public speaker, making first impressions, performance anxiety, voice control and taking care of your voice, the use of a microphone, drafting a hosting script and acting as a host or presenter. MAIKKI also offers courses in performing on camera and making videos for social media.

Feedback from our students: 

Thank you. The day was extremely motivating and inspiring. You have an energising effect on people around you! You have so much to offer performers and speakers in general. I think you should offer training to all professional speakers, either on site or online. In business today, storytelling is the latest trend, so demand is certainly not limited to those who want to become event hosts. Salespeople, supervisors, managers, experts, consultants, keynote speakers, YouTubers, coaches, you name it. They all compete against each other for the attention of the public to hear their story. You can help all of these people in telling their story in a more compelling manner and, as a result, sell more of whatever they are trying to sell. – Kimmo Aro

I started my career as a performer when I was studying at the university of applied sciences. I was enthusiastic about giving presentations, pitching and even hosting events. I had already gained some experience before I got a chance to take part in a hosting course that MAIKKI organised. Participating was an excellent career choice.
On the weekend course we explored various manners of hosting and got to know our own strengths. The course focuses on practical training, and I cannot imagine a better way of learning this subject matter. The participants get to go on stage several times during the weekend, and after the performance, you get instant feedback from the instructors and other students. Tuuli-Elina and Kati are highly experienced professionals who know how to create a comfortable atmosphere that allows everyone to relax and also give feedback to each other.
Our journey together was not over when the course ended: MAIKKI accepted me as a trainee in their pool of hosts and presenters. After a few professional gigs and some excellent mentoring by the ladies I was listed as one of their hosts. They make it extremely simple and easy to book jobs, and the only thing the host needs to take care of is delivering a superb hosting service to the customer. In other words, their system lets me concentrate on my core business. I can highly recommend MAIKKI – and now, we’ll just rock on!”
– Aleksi Kauppinen


MAIKKI is currently breaking into new markets with online courses on performing in public. MAIKKI’s first online course on the basics of hosting and presenting was released in 2019, and an international version in English will be launched in early 2020. Those who attend our online courses can send in a video of their performance for individual feedback.